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    Hi, these are the in-game (server) rules that players and staff have to follow. Please obey the rules or action may be taken to prevent you from annoying or disturbing other users!

    DDoS/Dos Threats/Talk/Attack
    These are strictly prohibited, any law enforcement may be involved if the case is severe enough. This is also a forums and in-game ban and IP ban.

    Glitching/Abuse of Exploiots
    Any abuse of glitches/exploits (depending on the severity) will result on action being taken on your account, this applies to anyone involved.

    Bases that can't be raided
    Making walls or defenses that a cannon or other methods of raiding cannot penetrate is not allowed, and will result in a possible unclaim/removal of said defense.

    TP Trapping
    Trapping people by getting them to teleport to you is not allowed, making a trap base outside of warzone/in the world is allowed, but teleport trapping and tricking users into doing this is not allowed, and will be bannable.

    Modded Client/Macro

    Any client/macro that gives you an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited, and will be a IP Ban, however some mods are allowed as follows:

    Minimap that doesn't show caves/mobs/players
    HUD Mods
    Forge/Mod Loaders
    Better Sprint/Toggle Sneak Mod
    Shaders/Aethstetic Mods
    FPS Increasing Mods
    Chat Mods
    Brightness/Gamma Editor
    Damage Indicators

    Disallowed Mods:

    Hacked Clients
    More Particles Mod
    Nametag Mods/Mods that give you advantages
    X-RAY Packs
    BetterPvP Type Mods

    This list is subject to change. (Both)

    Racism is strictly prohibited and will be punished by a ban, possibly ip-ban.

    Excessive Trash Talking
    Trash talking is a part of the game, don't take it to far where it might upset or offend any other players.

    Excessive Cursing
    Cursing is allowed, but do not use heavy curse words too much, or you might receive a kick/warning/mute.

    Scamming for in-game items isn't allowed, and will be punished by a temp-ban and if done again, a ban.

    Selling in-game items for real money
    This isn't allowed, as a lot of the times it can lead to scamming and we don't/can't fix this. Therefor; it is banned.

    This is strictly prohibited, if you find a bug like this or any bug, please message staff member and you can get a reward for turning it in.

    This list is subject to change, have fun on the server!

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